David Cooper

Successfully elected to a position on the council for the Association of Costs Lawyers in 2014, David Cooper is a Civil Litigation Lawyer and Partner with a UK 100 Law Firm. Essential requirements for this particular area of work is to be able to manage cases, plan strategy, advocate and negotiate. David has found these are also of great use in relation to the production of film or TV and has been involved with related projects since 1999.

"As Producer I have worked closely with Arbind in relation to other projects which included the production of a music video for Peterborough Band Opaque. With First Impact Pictures we have explored a couple of projects involving our founding chairman Walter Koenig. With Arbind's script 'Mili' we feel that we now have a potential project for completion and I am actively considering and dealing with the initial production issues that need to be addressed including funding."

David will oversee budgetary issues as well as being responsible for securing all requisite documentation including liaising fully with stakeholders at all times.

Lisa Ray [Exec Prod]

Dhiren Raichura [Music Dir]

Arbind Ray [Writer/Dir/Prod]




First Impact Pictures Limited is a limited liability company registered in England & Wales. Company Registration Number 4547273.
Registered Office Church View 51 Town Street Upwell Nr. Wisbech Cambridgeshire PE14