Lisa Ray
BA (Hons)

Armed with a degree in Business Administration - Accounting and International Finance at the University of Greenwich in London, Lisa Ray joined Wallflower Press (1996-1999) as an International Media Consultant.

For over a decade Lisa has enjoyed the position of Sales Manager at Boutique Editions which includes Locations Magazine official magazine of Film Commissioners International and is the global publication focusing on location filming around the world. The next edition is due May 2011 and will be launched at the Cannes Film Festival. Boutique Editions also encompasses the coveted Cannes Lions Daily News Cannes Lions being the Oscar's equivalent for the multi-billion dollar advertising industry held annually in Cannes.

Lisa Ray is also Int'l Consultant in the following territories for International Film Guide:
India, Italy, Middle East, South East Asia, South Africa

In 2010 Lisa Ray was cordially invited to serve as a Jury member for the Indian Film Festival. As a result of the ever increasing knowledge and contact base Lisa joins the team as Executive Producer on Arbind's debut feature: Mili.

David Cooper [Prod]

Dhiren Raichura [Music Dir]

Arbind Ray [Writer/Dir/Prod]







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