Board Meeting with David Cooper, Walter Koenig,
John Carrigan, Arbind Ray and Shahriar Hossain


David Cooper elected to ACL Council

After careful consideration the Directors of First Impact Pictures have selected the script 'Mili' written by Arbind as a suitable and commercially viable project for production. Accordingly Mili is in development with steps being taken to enlist interest from various potential cast and crew members and to explore the prospect of funding including application to the British Film Institute (formerly UK Film Council).

Having attended the recent Cannes Film Festival Arbind Ray has met with industry experts and govt officials who have expressed interest in the project which will be shot on location in England and India.

SYNOPSIS available on request Genre: Drama, Suspense Thriller

Logline - Mili, a successful executive living in the UK in a happy relationship is sent into turmoil after losing her memory following an incident that occurred on vacation in picturesque Odisha, East India. Gradually remnants of memories return but reveal a past relationship and her being a mother of a child. Determined to investigate and track down her daughter she is plagued with conflicting emotions of love for past and present partners. Mili is lead on a journey of heartache and danger culminating in a surprising outcome.

Projects in pipeline:

The Other Side of Harry w/t - Details to be announced soon...

Juggernaut (w/t) Sequel Genre: Science Fiction

Opening scene reveals three people in front of a fireplace in a castle. The conversation centres around a plate which has inscribed on it a date in the 17th century. On the plate is some red powder. The plate is placed on the fire, the heat is absorbed and the red powder starts to turn into gold. “How do you know how to do that?” Another answers, “I discovered this in the Egyptian scriptures.” An explanation is given as to the way in which this happens. The conversation leads to... SYNOPSIS available on request

The Mayor's Oath (short) Logline - Newly elected Mayoral candidate receives a 'visitor'. Not all is as it appears when the Mayor is offered a celebratory glass of champagne...

Fake It Like (dr) Beckham (w/t) Genre: Dark Comedy. Logline - Desperate to keep his medical practice afloat during difficult times, Dr Beckham relies on a revolutionary new product line...made by his maid!














Directors and fellow shareholders of First Impact Pictures are pleased to congratulate Walter upon the recognition bestowed upon him by
Hollywood's Chamber of Commerce of a star on the Hollywood walk of Fame. The presentation took place on the 10th September 2012
when Walter was joined by fellow director John Carrigan along with his previous co-stars on Star Trek and fellow actors and have
his handprint and signature impressed into cement in front of Graumans Chinese Theatre. This will no doubt be a moving and
enjoyable occasion for Walter and we wish him all the very best.

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